Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Life

It was not long ago

when I thought I never met anyone like you.

I was wrong thinking that being in control

Believing he would never fall.

All my life I thought no one

melt a heart like mine, a heart so cold

a heart hardened by the past,

protected by shields so great.

Slowly, I fell

without even knowing.

Only too late

I have no choice but to accept my fate.

I could not dream, I suppose

However, I could not wait

There will never be any “we”, it is our destiny

then I wake up to reality.

I lied when I said

I do not love,

my feelings for you

is through.

I lied

not because I wanted

but because I love you

and still do.

I would not do anything to hurt you

but I have let go.

I cannot take longer

‘Coz we do not have forever.

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  1. Sandip Ghate ya post varche theme pasun marathi kavita paryant sarva ekdam changl aahe are perfect man for this .tell me when will you write more post ...