Monday, May 7, 2012

Ever since we first met....

Ever since we first met,
Your all I had in mind.

There is something in you,
Your so beautiful, your so kind.

When I looked deep into your eyes,
I knew that you were an angel in disguise.

I knew that you were an angel,
An angel that had fallen from the skies.

I wished so dearly that you came for me,
To share our pain, to share our love.

To make this lonely world,
much like yours up above.

I often spoke about you,
Telling my friends what I feel.

And how you had broken into my heart,
A heart that I had been trying so hard to seal.

Whenever we came upon a time to talk,
Words never came out right.

Its never what I meant to say,
No matter how hard I tried to reach your light.

I once was ready to share what I felt,
And had brought a flower to help me through,
In finally telling you after all these times.

But everything shattered when I saw you.

You were like and angel in a peaceful garden,
Joyfully dancing through vast fields of flowers.

That's when it came clear to me,
That I was only a simple human with nothing to offer.

There are so many else out there,
That are more than happy to be with you.

With a lot more to offer, a lot more to give,
While I'm one of those who has nothing we can do.

But dreams a special dream all their lives,
With a knowledge that it may never come true.

I want you to know that if my dream ever came true,
It would only be to be with you.

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